Monday, December 11, 2006

Sex and the City, Season One

I am watching the first season of Sex and The City. I never saw this season, but its on HBO On Demand and I am killing time until 9:00 PM, the absolute earliest I can fall asleep in anticipation of a sleepless night with a sleepless baby.

I'm sorry, but what the hell is going on with SJP's HAIR? As a curly girl, I am appalled. The frizz. The horrid highlights. The terrible length. This series comes after movies like Miami Rhapsody, where SJP is platinum and ringlets and great. Did no one in makeup and hair on SATC the early years know of hair serum, long layers and lowlights???

I can not even speak of the makeup - the uneven complexions, the blue eyeliner. And Miranda's eggplant do?

And the fashion sucked. We are supposed to believe that these stack heel slides are $400 Manolos??

Anyone? Anyone?


At 3:21 PM PST, Anonymous Sophie Shoe said...

Wasn't season one in the late 80's? *cough* Just make sure you don't look at any old photos of the times you went to college. Or at that look at any first seasons of any famous show and look at the last/latest ones. They didn't know SATC would become such a hit show … so they didnt spend the money on her hair.

BTW Manolos often cost more and dont always look better, but the idea to wear them is really nice.

At 2:30 PM PST, Anonymous weboy said...

Sophite's pretty much got it - they clearly didn't bring in good hair people until, oh, about Season 3; and Pat Field was also working on a shoestring, which was what made SATC kind of nervy to begin with - she had to be adventurous in how she dressed them, but she gave the impression of New York and stylish, so a lot of people just assumed. I actually think once Pat got her hands on actual designer duds, things went a bit astray - no real woman's wardrobe had as much Prada as Miranda's (I can't even talk about some of Carrie's things, like the enormous Dior gown in the finale). The best thing about Season 1, I think, is the characters and the writing - I felt as though I knew these women, and this city, instantly. They were real; this was real.

My favorite moment - Charlotte's complaint about being the last single among married friends "I hate the way they look at me like I'm a.." and the other girls say, "leper" (Carrie), "Pity Case" (Miranda, "whore" (Samantha). Aren't we all? :)


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