Monday, December 04, 2006

Purse Peeping

I have long believed that peering inside a woman's purse is like taking a glimpse inside her soul. Much has been written about this, about the memories associated with being a child and rooting through your mother's purse. In Style Magazine always features a section which lists the contents of a celebrity's cosmetics bag. I have always loved this, despite the fact that I am sure it is all strategic advertising and not actually the items of choice.

I recently cleaned out my own purse - purse, not diaper bag, and I thought the contents pretty much summed up the current state of my life:

1. 5-10 errant Cheerios (bottom of bag, not hygenically preserved)
2. Wallet (all but empty)
3. Work ID (four years and counting, how did I not lose this yet?!)
4. Grime covered pacifier (again, uncovered)
5. Solitary diaper (never leave home without one?)
6. Loose coins (despite fear of choking hazard)
7. Coupons for The Children's Place (to validate unnecessary shopping)
8. Vitamins (fear of falling ill and baby left to own devices/TV loving husband)
9. Mini ziploc bag with pretzel sticks (snacks+bribery)
10. Purell (see above fear of illness)
11. Makeup bag (never used mid-day, shout out to old life)
12. Disposable placemat featuring Elmo (again, germ phobia)
13. Mini Baby Einstein book, entitled "Birds" (lackluster attempt to quell potential meltdowns)
14. Crumbs of undetermined origin (I don't even want to guess
15. Sticks (collected by Chloe from street and confiscated by me)
16. Keys (I hope, but have been known to vanish)
17. Cell phone (which Chloe loves more than me)
18. Preschool application (already late)
19. Strawberry Margarita lip gloss (closest I get to a real drink)


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