Saturday, December 02, 2006


1. Ladies, when you see a clumsy looking woman struggling with her stroller and squirming toddler and packages, etc., help a sister out. Do not avert your eyes. Do not sigh in obvious irritation when my stroller wheels dare to touch your shoe. I know there is a sociological study to be done here (but I will leave this to Grahamad) but time and time again, my knights in shining armor come in the form of young African American men who are almost tripping over themselves to help me. They are always smiling. They are always saying "No Problem" in a way that you believe it. Women, never. And I am sure that at least some of them have been me, at least once.

2. When someone gives you a ride somewhere of moderate distance or more, always offer gas money. If you are the driver, and assuming state lines have not been crossed, never take it.


At 4:54 PM PST, Anonymous Candice+Ben Braun said...

And when a toddler is kicking his feet in total excitement during a performance of the Big Apple Circus and he kicks your seat without noticing, please, when asking him to stop, please, please use the word, "PLEASE." Please.


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