Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Victimless Crime???

In respone to The Ethicist/NY Times Magazine
Sunday December 3, 2006

Dear Editor,

I was outraged upon reading Randy Cohen's response to the internet technician who had found child pornography on his boss' computer and questioned if she should alert authorities and risk his job. Mr. Cohen's advice stated:

" have no legal obligation to contact the police, nor should you. The situation is too fraught with uncertainty. These photographs might depict — legally — not children but young-looking adults."

The technician makes clear in his letter that he is sure that the photos were of underage adults. Mr. Cohen's response is a long winded diatribe of concern for the employer. There are ways in which an investigation can be pursued and confidentially maintained should the employer be acquitted of this crime. The alternative, a possibility strong enough that it compelled someone to turn to the New York Times for advice, is life shattering.

As a mother, and a human being, I am chagrined that any person would believe that it is correct to ignore what appears to be child pornography. It is no wonder why our children continue to be exploited. But at least we can call ourselves "ethical".


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