Thursday, October 05, 2006

About Me

Things about me:
1. I hate the sound of dripping water
2. I wish I still had my Sweet Valley High Books
3. My huband's name is a part of one's body
4. I sweat the small stuff
5. I hate all melon except watermelon and all things smoked except lox
6. I still count on my fingers
7. I got a D- in Intro To Computers but now I am pretty ok at them
8. I was a hair model for a salon infomercial
9. I consider US Weekly to be a reputable news source
10. I read books over and over again
11. I was almost named Nicole
12. I am not as tall as you think I am
13. I met and married my husband in one year
14. I would take a cockroach over a mouse any day
15. I have recurring nighmares where I lose all of my teeth. I believe it every time.
16. I believe that nothing is as expensive as regret
17. I have a photographic memory for song lyrics but for nothing else
18. I am in love my daughter but she also scares the hell out of me sometimes
19. I still get carsick
20. I love: Summer, my daughters apple cheeks, my family and friends, clean smells, distinct memories
21. I hate: Cheap people, fall, customer service representatives, growing older, things left unsaid
22. I covet the job of Giuliani DePandi
23. I am a big fan of plastic surgery but anesthesia makes me vomit
24. I had three wisdom teeth pulled at the same time with just novocaine
25. I would have made a great lawyer, but I hate school
26. I secretly worry that I am not smart enough
27. The thought of death gives me a panic attack. This happens often.
28. I only liked one boy in four years of college, and he had a girlfriend.
29. I still want to be famous.
30. I bought two pairs of shoes that were not my size because I loved them
31. I love Bon Jovi
32. I can't fall asleep unless my hair is pulled back
33. I pretend to like avocado but I really hate it
34. Ginger tastes like soap to me
35. I have never gone trick or treating
36. I have cried twice at my current job. Both times in my boss' office.
37. I understand why Monica Lewinsky did what she did
38. I took my cabbage patch kid very seriously
39. I don't believe that laser hair removal works. For me.
40. I feel guilty for not adopting
41. I am scared to grow old and lose my glasses
42. I almost entered an amateur strip night and chickened out at the last minute. But I would have chosen "Pour Some Sugar on Me" as the song to strip to.
43. I think that My So-Called Life was the best show ever created
44. I was an MTV intern with the guys who created How I Met Your Mother. I am rooting for it.
45. I type with two fingers
46. My hair has been red, blonde, brown and black
47. I am a hypochondriac


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