Thursday, September 07, 2006

Help Wanted

I have some questions that could use expert or non-expert advice:

1. I need to know how to wean Chloe from bottle to cup. At 14 months, I have a feeling this is going to be harder than mom-milk to cow-milk. She uses a cup for water but not for milk. Picky, picky. I was sooo one of those smug moms who proclaimed that I would wean her to a cup at 12 months ON THE DOT. Ignoring the fact that motherhood has been one huge acceptance of the "exception to the rule" thing, and going with the flow. Especially when the flow freaks out when the bottle is taken away and whose screams reach impossible decibels.

2. Moving on from beverages, I need some lunch and dinner ideas. Keep in mind that Chloe hates pasta, cheese and meat of any kind. And please don't say things like, "make your own pancake batter and store in a ketchup bottle so you can squeeze out a new pancake every day". That is so NOT me. I mean, cleaning out the ketchup bottle alone would give me a nervous breakdown.

3. Suggestions of comfortable footwear that can be worn on the weekends with kids? And don't say Crocs. I am a big lover of high heels and hater of sneakers. And loafers are weird. Something that looks good with jeans. And leggings - yes, I caved. I own this season's most over hyped accessory. And my legs are so NOT Lindsay Lohan's.

4. Ideas of gifts for my husband's 35th birthday. We don't have a car, he does not watch sports, and we don't have a babysitter. I promise, we are cooler than we sound. At least he is.


At 4:02 PM PDT, Anonymous sophie said...

Oh its easy and you will hate it.

1. Sorry Chloe only water in your bottle (if only she knew about those dreadful dentists visits). And you will hate the screaming, crying or hateful looks. Be strong, mum! You can win √

2. Sausages, fish fingers and chicken nuggets are the quick and not all too nutrious solutions. Rice with creamed vagetable (make them with the brrrrr thingy from the kitchen and maybe not too creamed, cause she might think she has enough teeth now to chew, Ofen potatoe with avocado creme (done with jogurth). Oh, what do I know Charlotte has her food in kindergarten *g*

3. In Europe the fashion brings lower heels so you can find loads of shoes with a lower heel and rather hip. And boots are always cool.

4. Maybe a babysitter after all so you two can go out and party!

Good luck,

At 7:42 AM PDT, Blogger Amy said...


Thanks a million. The thought of cavities was enough to hand over a spankin' new Elmo cup in place of bottle this morning. And she took it! Maybe I am the one who is holding on to old habits....


At 7:56 PM PDT, Anonymous Leigh said...

The M.A.S. is turning 36 and I am thinking a garter for me is one gift...oh wait, I am one of your childless, single friends...does this still help? ;)

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