Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mad issues

Hate is a strong word. But feeling a little too touchy feely on the blog lately, here is a list of the recently high ranking stuff that I really...dislike.

In no particular order:

1. Mailing letters. I never have addresses or stamps.
2. Washing pots
3. When my nanny puts my daughter in a loser outfit
4. When my hair products stop working
5. Anyone who works at Duane Reade prescription counter (future post to be titled "Duane Reade-Rage")
6. Cheap people, of heart or wallet
7. Along the above lines -- thinly veiled hints from those waiting to be paid back
8. People who come to work sick, tell you they are fine, and then proceed to sneeze in your presence. You are then sick for two weeks. Husband and I call this being "Gribitsed", when co-worker named Mark Gribets (not his real name) came to my husbands office with unnecessary documents, "Grimetsed" him, and he was immediately ill thereafter.
9. The stale coffee smell of the walkway from terminal into airplane (I know that this place has a name).
10. When impossible-to-replace-but-very-visible-buttons pop loose
11. Finding and preparing nutritionally appropriate foods for my picky kid
12. Passive aggressive anything
13. The hot breath of eyebrow waxer in your face
14. The word "nipple". After a year of breastfeeding, I still hate it.
15. The smell of cow's milk
16. How someone you hate can ruin the smell of fantastic perfume/cologne
17. Reading bestselling books when you know you could have done it better
18. The endless commitment of shaving legs, dying roots and annual pap smears
19. People who feel that gay couples will destroy the sanctity of marriage. Because heterosexual couples are doing a great job preserving it? What's the divorce rate, again?
20. Feeling too tired to do what I really, really want
21. The laz-boy size of toddler carseats, and legal necessity to use them
22. People who email for business with no attention to sentence structure/spelling/capitalization, etc. There is no better way to send the message that you really don't give a shit.
23. The air conditioner drip that lands on your bare skin
24. "Crepe-y" post partum abdominal skin
25. Men who don't wear their wedding rings


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