Monday, July 24, 2006

To My Chloe - On Your First Birthday

What I love about you (just some highlights):

1. The way you dance, even when its a commercial that has music
2. That you love Daddy best
3. Your enthusiasm for Cheerios
4. How you stand up right before the hair washing portion of your bath, trying to escape
5. Your toes
6. Your curious, contemplative, questioning personality
7. How you point at everything, from the moment you wake uo even before you are fully awake
8. Your love of puppies and pigeons
9. Your wet kisses
10. When you finish a meal by smearing food on Daddy's arm
11. How you smell after a bath, or a nap
12. How you look in yellow, pink, blue, black...
13. The sound of your laugh
14. When you take books into bed by weaving them through the crib slats from your shelf
15. How you unpack the drawers
16. How you know "what the doggy says"
17. When you wave goodbye to me in anticipation of breakfast alone with Daddy
18. Your airplane pose before you learned to crawl
19. When you clap out of pride for yourself
20. Your suprisingly blue eyes
21. Both sets of cheeks
22. Your delight for the grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles
23. The drunk way that you walk
24. How you never want to waste a moment..its always time to GO GO GO
25. Your tomboy-ishness coming through despite my frills
26. Your appreciation for my shoes
27. How you have never cried when I left for work
28. Your armpits
29. The magic of your teeth breaking through
30. For never crying for no reason
31. For being a champion nurser
32. For adding even more love to our lives

We could not ask for a better kid. I love you with all my heart. Mommy.


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