Saturday, January 20, 2007

Things that Make Us Happy

16 years ago, a bunch of 16 year old campers sat around a bunk into the wee hours of the night, making a list that was called "Things That Make Us Happy". I am not sure how it started, since I was asleep at the time. (Not sure if my friend LB reads this blog from Grahamads, but if she does, she will likely explain the origins of this list).

I did weigh in the next morning, after the list was already miles long. I am not sure what it is about 16 year old girls that make us desperate to record everything -- in diaries, in mix tapes, in letters (and probably now in emails). Nonetheless, it was an addictive exercise.

I remember some of the items on list -- most of them revolved around boys. Things like "Being told you smell good by a guy that you like" and "arm tickles" and "having your hair played with" and "The St. Elmo's Fire Soundtrack". The point was to combine the mundane with the offbeat/creative - which I guess is every teenager's hope in general.

16 years later, it's amazing how things change, and how they stay the same. I still like the arm tickles, but the hair playing I leave to my kid when my curls get caught in her chubby folds. I do still love that St. Elmos Soundtrack, but these days it's all about Raffi and Annie.

So it got me thinking about Things That Make Me Happy. Here are just a few - and would love to hear some more from you!
*Sunkist. Despite the color and the calories, I am enjoying this beverage again.

*Opaque tights. I have been wearing them for my whole life and they only seem to make me happier. And warmer.

*When my daughter wears my heels and a purse and pretend lipstick, hobbles to the door and shouts "buh-bye" over her shoulder.

*The joy of meeting the children of my friends.


*Blog Love from Weboy and Grahamad (see blogroll)

*PB and J sandwiches, with JIF not Skippy. Made by my husband who won't divulge his secrets.

*Old family photos. Even when I look like a freak, I love resucitating the memories.

*Text messaging.

*Blog comments.

* The Modern Love section of the Times' Sunday Styles.

* A head on my shoulder.

*Knowing my limitations.

* Johnson and John's Baby Powder in Jasmine and Vanilla (hard to find - but worth it!)



*Fancy Bathrooms.


*Online photograph sharing.

*Letting go.

*Hanging on.

*The words: "Everything looks great!"


At 11:32 AM PST, Anonymous gilaparis said...

yeah, i was in the room across the hall, pretending to be asleep while everyone was talking about eachother.
love the list! :)

At 8:43 AM PST, Anonymous Sophie said...

Ah, I probably have a few items I should add to the list, some due to my cultural voodoo some simply because of different tastes. But if you haven't seen this one I believe you'll love it *s*
click here I am sure some you have seeb others you might be able to contribute.

Keep writing,


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