Monday, January 08, 2007

My Love

I love you for things that you don't even know. The way you always charge my cell phone. Sometimes you slips twenty dollar bills inside because you can deduce that I am out of cash. I love it when you buy me chocolate from all your trips, hiding it under my pillow even though I forget to look each time. I love that now you let me wear your expensive T shirts to sleep, even though you are relegated to crappy ones on the weekend because that's all that is left. I love when you rub your hands together in childlike delight, and I immediately get excited too. I love that we don't have any really bad stories from our past, that you have always treated me with respect and awe and nothing bad that you have said ever sticks. I love that you allow me to be hypocritical, to bitch about things that I tend to do myself. I love your nerdiness, the way you love politics and detest crime and like to talk about both at parties. I love that you love to work. I love your moral compass, the way you stick to your beliefs with conviction and without apology. I love it when you rub my feet even though they are not cute nor polished. I love the way that you parent, the fact that you are a natural even though I rehearsed for years. I love that I have never seen anyone as handsome as you. I love that you learn from our mistakes, that we will definitely get a baby nurse next time. I love that when you proposed we had never talked about it first, I never became unsure or hostile waiting for a ring. I love that I know that you have powers that you don't let on, that you would whip out in an instant if we were in danger. I love that you allow me to be judgemental because you know that I am secretly accepting of most flaws in others. I love that you have made me believe in miracles, and in 401Ks. I love how you look in a tie, it makes me want to buy 100 ties. I love that you barely notice what I wear -- unless it is particularly slutty -- because you see me on the inside. I love your huge and resilient heart that continues to grow healthy despite its scars.

And I love that there is so much more I could say, if this was not for public consumption. I love a new thing about you every day. I hope you know.


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