Friday, October 12, 2007


1. My husbands biopsy proved benign (thank god). He is taking two weeks worth of intense antibiotics that are so strong, they should blast out what ever is causing his lumpiness. Thanks for asking.

2. Chloe loves school! Well, at least she loves her teacher and a boy named Noah. Noah, Noah, Noah all day long. He is a looker, I must say, but is also the only one still crying in class. She clearly can resonate with his weepiness. I can only imagine them sniffling together down the aisle.

3. I realize what I miss about working in an office. Calorie restriction. Despite the occassional birthday cake, its pretty hard to overeat when you are working all day. I am about to go out to replace all of the M and Ms I have consumed, which were specifically purchased to convince Chloe to poop on the pot. Talk about stealing candy from a baby.


At 2:36 PM PDT, Blogger Janya said...

Hooray for all the goodness.

Sometimes I still bribe myself with candy for potty time :)

At 10:03 AM PDT, Anonymous gila said...

1. relief beyond words. phew phew PHEW.
2. chloe and noah sitting in a tree... :) LOVE the image of her following him around class (well, really him following her -- who are we kidding??).
3. try working in a school... donuts or bagels for every holiday/birthday/anniversary/oh my!


At 9:45 AM PDT, Blogger beri said...

so happy to hear the news about abs.


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