Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ultra Sensitive...

...its not just for condoms and toothpaste anymore!

I have a Gmail account, and for those of you who don't use it, Gmail will "scan" the contents of your emails (they promise they don't read them), and produce banner ads on the side of the email that you might be interested in based on the key words in your messages.

Gmail explains it this way:

Google is NOT reading your mail. Privacy is an issue we take very seriously. Gmail is a technology-based program, so advertising and related information are shown using a completely automated process. Ads are selected for relevance and served by Google computers using the same contextual advertising technology that powers our AdSense program. This technology lets Google target dynamically changing content such as email or daily news stories.
Because the ads and related pages are matched to information that is already of interest to you, we hope you'll find them relevant and useful.

It is a little creepy to say the least, but an email system that far surpasses the spam nightmare of Yahoo.

So today, my husband and I were exchanging some messages based on what I believed to be a less than friendly tone which I perceived during our last phone call. Nothing too dramatic, and he immediately apologized (which he generally does.) Nowhere did he call me oversensitive, but Gmail sent me the following helpful hint:

Highly Sensitive?Learn to work with your sensitivity rather than against it, then shine!www.HighlySensitiveSouls.

Good thing I am not married to the robot behind that one!


At 11:42 AM PDT, Blogger Peter said...

Help bring Mike Huckabee to New York by demanding him on Eventful!


At 6:05 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I to but I about the list inform should have more info then it has.


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