Saturday, November 04, 2006


Museums remind me of popularity contests. Of walking around with the cool kids, or not. Of hurt feelings, and getting lost. Of haunting darkened rooms and glowing displays. Of gift shops, hunger, and aching feet. Of bad dates -- with feigned depth and reluctant hand holding and stiff conversations.

I never had much patience for museums. I am too ADD for this. Unless they are in tribute, or of photography. I could spend a year in a photography museum.

Today, at the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan, with Chloe and A and my in-laws, I really enjoyed it. One of the many things which take on new meaning through Chloe's eyes. Dinosaur bones and teeth, growling and roaring at the mammals, trying to pick up designs that were carved into the floor. Overpriced food court food -- buttered corn and decadant brownies. Watching her fall into an exhausted sleep so deep that she missed the busride home.

I loved it all.


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