Friday, June 29, 2007

Mad About You

Its been a while since I offered a round-up of my favorites. With so much else to say but no energy to expend, this feels like the right post for right now - just some bits of brilliance I have recently recalled or acquired.


Damn he's good. Since I have only listened to the Annie soundtrack for about 6 months now, I had all but forgotten my lost musical loves, and Sting is tops. My friend Denise told a story about when she was a kid, and her older brother dragged her into his room and forced her to listen to "Every Breath You Take". This was musical perfection, he told her, demanding she worship The Police. I like to imagine that he was in acid wash jeans and a mullet, since this was the 80s, and little sister Denise just nodded enthusiastically, thrilled to even be sitting in big bro's room. This is what Sting does to you - it makes you want to force others to just sit still and LISTEN. There is something almost biblical about the lyrics, and I am a lyrics chicks. Specific favorites include "Mad About You", "Shape of my Heart" and "Fortress Around Your Heart". And I challenge anyone to listen to "Why Should I Cry For You" without wiping away dramatic tears. Thank god for the soundtrack at CVS or I would have all but forgotten how much I love Sting.


I thought of lemonade way too late in my pregnancy. It's fantastic. Specifically, the Simply Lemonade brand. I do not like Newman's Own, charitable donations aside. I enjoy mixing with water and cran-raspberry juice. My grandfather was a big juice mixer and had hoped to market his concoctions with my Dad, who he thought of as the all-American business guy. If I were in the burbs, I might have to coax Chloe to open a stand.

Johnson and Johnson's 2-in-1 shampoo plus conditioner for curly hair:

Chloe's hair has mystified me -- a luxurious tumble of waves that responds to neither brushing nor scrunching. This shampoo has at least made the mess a bit less -- messy. And what's more fun than diva beauty care for toddlers?

Acuvue Oasys contact lenses:

I sleep in my lenses, despite the fact that I resolved this New Year's Eve to stop. My glasses scratched and hold lenses that are about three prescriptions old, and I am too chicken for LASIK. And I hate waking up blind. I don't know if you are supposed to sleep in the Oasys lenses but I do and they feel 100 times better than the others, even during the day. God, I hope Chloe has my husband's eyes.


These remind me of my Grandma Ceil (she'd mix with plain yogurt and peaches), summertime, and my kid will eat them. They are expensive, but worth it. Until I step on one and stain the carpet, which is likely to happen any time now.

White noise:

Even beyond the cool air effects, the whirl of the air conditioning has done wonders for my pregnancy insomnia, and I swear it helps Chloe nap. I have it on in all three rooms (Con Ed is gonna love me) and it seems to be the only thing that can drown out the never ending dialogue of to-dos and to-worries and not-to-forgets that fill my head these days.


At 8:27 AM PDT, Blogger Janya said...

Mmmm...lemonade is the chardonnay of pregnancy! I hope I can savor it as much when I'm not sure has made me one cheap date!

At 8:29 AM PDT, Blogger Janya said...

Oh...and "Shape of My Heart" god, that's a killer.

At 11:40 AM PDT, Anonymous gila said...

1. sting is a permanent fixture in my stereo.
2. lemonade is a permanent fixture in my fridge.
3. in this steamy summer, AC is on in all rooms at all times at my place. and we actually have a white noise machine for baby's naps.

no wonder we're friends. xo

At 10:31 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know I will always be the king of pain! - T

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